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NEA Danbury

We are a labor organization that represents the dedicated teachers who work within Danbury's public schools.  We work to ensure that our teacher's contractual rights, wages, and benefits are fair.  We work to advocate for our students and to make improvements in public education. We believe that when we work for a unified cause, we are truly stronger together.

For General Information

Contact Us:  


To contact the President of NEA Danbury:   

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NEA Danbury Officers

President: Erin Daly

Vice President: Tom Ross   

Secretary: Melinda Scott: 

   Treasurer: Josh Richter 


Member Volunteers Needed
Our Committee Chairpersons need help!  Maintaining a strong union of teachers takes many helping hands!  Interested in getting more involved?  Reach out to your Building Reps or one of our officers.  


2023  NEA Danbury Delegates


The following are  NEA Danbury's delegation to this year’s CEA/RA in May.

We filled 19 of 20 seats; no election was necessary. Of the 19, three will also attend the NEA/RA in July.


           CEA-RA and NEA-RA


Erin Daly, Pembroke

Luanelly Iglesias, RPMS  

             Thomas Ross, DHS                         Donna Bosworth, AIS            

           Josh Richter, Pembroke                         Maria Ruscitti, DHS

        Nilda Almonte, Rogers Park

               Lori Amann, DHS

          Glenda Armstrong, ACE

       Mary Jo Bohrman, Pembroke

        Tania Fernandez, Pembroke

           Danny Heitor, Rogers Park

         Tracy Jenkins, Morris Street

              Rob Melillo, ACE

       Rebecca Migiano, Pembroke

     Lorena Tesbir, King Street Primary

        Rick Vaughn, Broadview

      Patty Widmayer, Great Plain

             Lori Woodruff, AIS


*Lammia Agoora of Rogers Park is a delegate for CEA’s Fairfield County Committee.

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Get This Year's Model of Our Members Only
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Reach out to your Building Rep or contact Mary Jo Bohrman directly at: 


All Meetings Begin at 4pm

  • September 21st All Member Meeting - Contract Updates - Charter Oak Brewery

  • October 12 All Member Meeting - Contract Ratification vote  - Danbury High School

  • November 2 Representative Council - All Members Welcome - Anthony's Lake Club 

  • December 14 Representative Council - All Members Welcome - via Zoom link​

  • January 11 Representative Council - All Members Welcome- via Zoom link

  • February 8 Representative Council - All Members Welcome - via Zoom link

  • March 8 Representative Council - All Members Welcome - via Zoom link

  • April 19 Representative Council - All Members Welcome - via Zoom link

  • May 10 Representative Council - All Members Welcome - via Zoom Link

  • June 14 Representative Council - All Members Welcome - Scholarship winners Location TBD


Our local City Council is working on the education budget for next year. We are the LEAST funded education system in the state!!! Please plan on coming out to a City Council meeting on one or more of the following dates wearing our NEW orange shirts. All meetings are at City Hall. You can provide testimony and speak to how the budget impacts you and your students at the meeting in April. Spread the word and bring friends and family. They need to face us -1000 members strong!


                                           April 4th @ 7:00 pm

  CEA Legislative Priorities for 2023


Our NEA-Danbury election for officers was scheduled for March 6-7, 2023; however, the incumbents for president, vice president, treasurer and secretary were unopposed.  

Without challengers, at the 2/8/23 Representative Council meeting, the election of the incumbents became official.   The new 3 year term begins in July for the officers.  


President Erin Daly, Vice President Thomas Ross, Secretary Melinda Scott,  and Treasurer Josh Richter look forward to representing the membership for another 3 year term.


Attention Members:  You should be receiving email updates and member news to you via personal email from your school building representative.  If you are not receiving monthly updates and news sent to your personal email, please reach out to your building rep or Secretary Melinda Scott at:

PLEASE NOTE: It is imperative to communicate with each other via personal emails.  Please do not use your school email address.  NEA Danbury Member information and news is for members only


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