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We are a labor organization that represents the dedicated teachers who work within Danbury's public schools.  We work to ensure that our teacher's contractual rights, wages, and benefits are fair.  We work to advocate for our students and to make improvements in public education. We believe that when we work for a unified cause, we are truly stronger together.

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Congratulations to Our Retirees!!!

NEA Danbury wishes to extend our congratulations to our hard working teachers on their retirement.  We are grateful for their many years of service and dedication to the Danbury Public Schools.  We extend our thank you for all that they have shared with colleagues and students over the years.  Their gifts of kindness, leadership, dedication and mentorship have provided our teaching and learning community with so much.  We wish this special group the VERY best in retirement!

As you know, due to these unprecedented times we are unable to honor our retirees in person. We did not want to let this momentous occasion go by without tribute and celebration.  As such, our NEA Danbury Executive Board members worked hard to put together a token of our appreciation.  Please enjoy this video as a small thank you from your friends at NEA Danbury. 



Message From The President of NEA Danbury:


NEA Danbury Teachers:


Next week you will be receiving information about the training process for distance learning. It is going to be challenging, frustrating and new..and even at times scary.


We are all learning this together and will grow together as colleagues and as a community. Mistakes will be made and will will fix them as we go. Breathe. We will do the best we can and that may look different for each one of us depending on our technology skill set. That is ok. We will help each other.


Please know that the District understands this:

Your family is still your priority.

Your health and safety is still your priority.


You will soon be receiving communication from your principals as well as the district about virtual PD, virtual meetings, etc. that will begin as early as Tuesday. Please check your email each am and pm for notifications and directions.


Next week, NEA Danbury will also be establishing our own shared document where you can post your questions and concerns about the roll out. Please use the google doc and do not email Erin Daly with day to day operational questions. It is far more effective to discuss questions and concerns as a union community. We promise to continue to work to get everyone answers as a collective group in a timely matter!


We got this teachers! Stronger together!


- Erin


Resources to Support Student Learning During School Closures Due to COVID-19

Click here



Dear Members:

As you may have already determined, we anticipate being out of school for a far greater length of time than previously expected - potentially for the remainder of the year. NEA Danbury and the District are working together regarding transitioning to distance learning in the near future for our students. This will also be happening in districts across the State. Our district is hoping to have systems in place for teachers to begin online instruction toward the end of the month. An exact date and details of what that will look like will be forthcoming.


In the meantime, we are working with the District to develop a mutually agreed upon definition of our new working conditions moving forward. Please know that there will not be any interruption in your pay. You will continue to be paid as you do normally.


In the days to come, the District will be reaching out to communicate more information to our teachers about the distance learning plan. Please know that teaching expectations will be reasonable. In planning, the District will be mindful of the many challenging obstacles we are now all charged with as part of our daily lives in these difficult circumstances.


We are sure you all will look forward to reestablishing some normalcy of getting back to work to connect with your students, even if it is only remotely. Please check your emails daily to keep updated. In the meantime, stay home, stay healthy and stay safe. We will get through each day together.

Erin Daly, NEA Danbury


Message to the DPS community from Dr. Sal

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Teacher Retirement Board

Due to the concerns with COVID-19 the TRB is taking precautionary measures to protect members and staff. Our office will be closed to the public until further notice but will continue to operate during regular business hours and provide service to members via phone and email. Any documentation can be faxed or mailed but we will not allow members to drop off documents or meet with staff in person at this time.


In an effort to provide better service to our members for specific questions, please see the agency directory link provided: https://portal.ct.gov/-/media/TRB/Content/Agency/AG_CNTACTUS.pdf


Notice of this closure to the public has been posted to our social media and website pages and we appreciate everyone?s patience during this time.


Please visit the TRB website for additional information at ct.gov/TRB.



As the threat of coronavirus spreads, CEA and NEA Danbury are working with state and local officials and other education stakeholders to keep Connecticut’s students and teachers safe.

The Association has developed interim guidelines for schools, based on recommended strategies from the Centers for Disease Control. CEA leaders have also met with the state’s public health and education officials to develop plans for protecting school communities in the event that the virus makes its way into Connecticut.

CEA will issue regular coronavirus updates, detailing new developments that could impact you and your students, as well as updated guidelines. Watch for these in your inbox.

Read more about

Members: Please know that NEA Danbury is in close communication with DPS leadership regarding Corona Virus updates and planning. The District is working hard to take all necessary steps to best protect students and staff. This includes increased cleaning and custodial measures. Please know that we are working together with the Superintendent on this. Remember we are role models for our students. The way we handle this directly impacts our students. Keep calm. Be vigilant about common sense germ protection. Stay home if you are sick.


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NEA Danbury Officers

President: Erin Daly

Vice President: Tom Ross

Secretary: Melinda Scott

Treasurer: Josh Richter


Wear your RED FOR ED shirts on Wednesdays to show our UNION UNITY and SUPPORT for our students and our contractual rights.

Please continuously check our Upcoming Events and Important Forms Pages for updated information. 

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