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How Can I Get Involved?

Our union of teachers is only as strong as our active members .  Get involved!  Join a committee and learn about your union.

Committee Descriptions

There are many ways to help  NEA Danbury. A strong Union comes from active members. If you see a committee that you are interested in learning more about, contact the committee chair for more information. Committee Chair contact information can be found on the

About Us page.



Advisory Committee to the Superintendent(ACS)
In order to maintain effective lines of communication throughout the schools, issues that are not solved at the building level through Advisory to the Principal are forwarded to this committee for resolution. The committee meets once a month with the Superintendent at the NEA-Danbury office. ACS procedures can be found in Appendix E in our contract.

Teacher Action Committee
Working to address education policy, local and community issues that impact our students and teachers as well as legislative and political issues connected to public education and teachers. This group keeps members informed of events, issues, discussions and political activities that impact education, including compiling report cards for election candidates at the local, state, and national levels. The committee also coordinates the collection of the NEA Fund for Children and Public Education, and an annual Legislative Breakfast.

Maintaining accurate membership records is critical for our association. Membership is responsible for registering new members, distributing membership materials to each school, and continually reviewing and updating our roster.



How do we stand stronger together?  Our organizing committee is tasked with keeping our members apprised of local, state and national issues that impact teachers.  Our organizing committee works to maintain our current membership and engage our new members.  They also organize events or initiatives for our members to keep all connected and informed.

Personnel Policies/Negotiations
This is known as the Negotiations committee. Negotiations with the Board of Education take place regarding salaries, other conditions of employment, and on other matters of personnel policy. Negotiation information can be found in Articles XXI and XXII in our contract.

Professional Rights and Responsibilities
This is also referred to as the Grievance committee. This team reviews and determines if complaints submitted by our members are violations of the contract. The committee meets once a month at the NEA-Danbury office. Grievance procedures are outlined in Article XV in our contract.

Public Relations Internal
The function of this position is to make membership aware of important information at the local (NEA-Danbury), state (CEA), and national (NEA) educational association levels. Public Relations Internal also recognizes achievements of local members. Duties include planning, coordinating and contributing to yearly association functions, such as the new teacher gathering, BEST completion recognition, scholarship awards, various workshops and member social events and the teacher retirement/appreciation dinner.

Public Relations External
The goal of this committee is to involve NEA-Danbury with the surrounding community. Duties include placing advertisements and pictures in the local newspapers, planning and organizing member actions, marches, community outreach events, parades, assemblies, Board of Education meetings, PTO connections, and coordinating the district-wide Read Across America celebration.

Teacher Evaluation and Professional Development - PDEC
The Teacher Evaluation committee wrote our extensive evaluation document used in the district. The committee continues to supplement the document, and assist members with issues or questions about the evaluation process, including TEAM.

The Insurance committee keeps members informed of any changes or updates with our current carrier. Members can contact the chair with any issues or problems with claims. The committee also coordinates school visits with our carrier, which allows members to address any issues or problems directly with insurance representatives.

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