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Erin Daly

Pembroke School

Vice - President:

Tom Ross

Danbury High School


Josh Richter

Pembroke School


Melinda Scott

Stadley Rough School

Committee Chairs

Personnel Policies:


Rick Vaughn

Broadview Middle School

Personnel Policies:


Pamela O’Neill

Morris Street School

Professional Rights

and Responsibilities 


Eric Savosky

Danbury High School

Legislative and

Political Action:

Anne Riddle 

Park Avenue School

Organizing Chair

Mary Jo Bohrman-

Internal Public Relations- Co-Chaired

Lorena Tesbir

King Street Primary

Shannon Turner-

Pembroke School

Tom Young

Morris Street School


Patty Widmayer

Great Plain School

Advisory to the Superintendent:

Juanita Harris

Danbury High School

Rebecca Migiano


Pembroke School

Ethnic & Minority Advisory Commitee (EMAC)

Luanelly Iglesisas

Rogers Park School

Teacher Evaluation and Professional Development- Co Chaired:

Danbury High Chair

Lindsay Stoffa

Middle School Chair

Lynne Classey


Elementary Chair

Ian Wendel

Park Avenue