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Commencing in the 2018-19 academic year, all teachers in the bargaining unit shall be permitted to use the personal days provided in the Collective Bargaining Agreement at Article XIV(D), without stating a reason for the leave (“No Tell Day”).  Requests to use No-Tell Personal Days must meet the following parameters:


All requests to use a No-Tell Personal Day must be made as far in advance as possible and, except for emergency, shall be made at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the date of the leave. No-Tell Personal Days may not be used during the following blackout periods:


  • The first two weeks of the academic calendar and the last two weeks of the academic calendar

  • The day prior to or immediately following a holiday or school vacation

  • On a designated Professional Development Day.


No-Tell Personal Days will not be approved for use on consecutive days, absent exceptional circumstances and upon the express approval of the Superintendent or his designee.

This language is pursuant to the Block Scheduling Agreement 0f 4/27/18 (see below)


Duty Free Lunch: Every teacher should have a duty free lunch and it must take place during scheduled lunch time

Meetings: Scheduled meetings should rarely or never take place during prep time.

Loss of a Prep Time: If a teacher loses a prep time or lunch time, and if a make-up time is not provided in a reasonable amount of time, they should get financial reimbursement according to the contract.  

Sick Days: Teachers are required to log in their absence in Aesop/Frontline. They are not required to call or email their school.

Lesson Plans: Lesson plan templates are a SUGGESTED format.  Teachers can use if they so CHOOSE.

Grievances: If you feel that an item in the contract is not being adhered to, please complete the “I think I have a grievance” form. 

Complete and send it to Eric Savoyski at  Our grievance committee will review it and let you know of the next steps 

Representation at Meetings: The labor law in Connecticut, called the Weingarten rule, allows for representation in meetings if a teacher perceives, correctly or incorrectly, that the discussion could be or could turn disciplinary.  The teacher has the right to ask for union representation before, or during the meeting.  The meeting can also be ended until representation can be found.

Videotaping: If someone wants to video tape you, you have the right to say NO. There should be no penalty if you do not wish to be videotaped.  If you feel that you are being pressured to do this, inform your building representative.


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