Political Action

The decisions that most impact our profession are being made in the federal and state legislative sessions. It’s important for educators to be as involved with politics as the politicians have been involved in education. It is critical for us to let our elected officials know our views on the issues introduced in each legislative session.


Please take a few minutes to write, call or email your elected officials. Phone calls and short written letters have the most impact. The web link below will take you to the web page for the Connecticut State Legislative session. You can look up the bills introduced in both the state house and senate. You can also look up your elected officials and their contact information.








Here is some information to use to help you write testimony for the state education hearings. These can also be mailed to you local legislators with the request that they contact their colleagues on the State Education Committee.



*Replace AYP with authentic accountability systems


*Use multiple, valid sources as evidence of student growth


*Support standards and assessments that address the unique instructional needs of students with disabilities and English Language Learners


*Teachers and staff must be provided with supports and resources to help students succeed


*Foster complete systems for induction, mentoring and Professional Development for educators


*Provide adequate, equitable funding for schools- fully fund Title I and IDEA